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Brazil Bela Vista Natural Process

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Velvety, Creamy, Nutty, Red Berry
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This natural proccesed Brazil from Fazienda Bela Vista is smooth and creamy with a touch of red berry. It is grown and proccessed by the Pereira family in region of Mantiquiera de Minas.

Lifelong coffee producer Ademir Francisco Pereira’s focus on specialty coffee production has increased both the quality of his coffee and his family's livelihood. His parents planted their first plot of coffee in 1994 and the Pereira family has been growing coffee ever since. Ademir himself was born and raised on Fazenda Bela Vista. In 2010, Ademir began focusing on specialty production and the added value from high-quality processing has greatly improved their lives.

FARM/COOP/STATION: Fazenda Bela Vista

VARIETAL: Mundo Novo
ALTITUDE: 1,250 meters above sea level
OWNER: Ademir Francisco Pereira & family
SUBREGION/TOWN: São Gonçalo do Sapucaí
REGION: Mantiquiera de Minas
FARM SIZE: 8 hectares


(No reviews yet) Write a Review