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Tanzania Korongo Peaberry

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Roast Level:
Tasting Notes:
Milk Chocolate, Grape, Floral
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Product Overview

Our Korongo Peaberry displays the best of Tanzanian flavor profiles with a full body, pronounced sweetness and prominent acidity.

It’s a blend of Blue Mountain, Bourbon, SL28 and Typica varietals that is mixed to constantly achieve a a great cup. This coffee is ethically and sustainably sourced from trusted parters.

Varietal - Blue Mountain , Bourbon, SL28, Typica

Processing: Fermented, Fully washed, dried on raised beds for 14-20 days

Altitude: 1,600 to 1,900 meters

Region - Mbozi mill, coffees from small farm in the Southern Highlands including Mbozi, Mbeya & Mbinga


(No reviews yet) Write a Review