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Miscela Bar Espresso Beans 2 lbs.

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Tasting Notes:
Heavy body, thick crema, chocolate, nutty
Roast Level:
Medium / Light
Recommended Brew Method:
Espresso Machine, Moka Pot
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Product Overview

Discover the Essence of Italian Tradition with Our Miscela Bar Espresso Beans

Step into a European café with each sip of our Miscela Bar Espresso Beans, heralded as some of the best espresso beans available. Each 2 lb. bag offers a blend that is both smooth and richly flavorful, tailored for those who cherish the true essence of Italian espresso.

Experience a medium/light roast that delivers a heavy body and a thick, velvety crema. The blend is further enriched by indulgent hints of chocolate and nut, topped with a subtle vanilla finish, reminiscent of leisurely moments spent in the quaint streets of Italy. This traditional Italian espresso blend excels when served straight, allowing the complex flavors to shine, though it's versatile enough for various brewing methods. These beans are among the best coffee beans for espresso.

Key Highlights of Our Miscela Bar Espresso Beans:

Thick Golden Crema: Expertly crafted to produce a luxurious, thick crema that captures the essence of premium Italian espresso.

Subtle Vanilla Finish: Adds a touch of elegance to each cup, evoking the serene landscapes of Italy.

Whether you’re a seasoned barista or a coffee enthusiast looking to refine your home brewing skills, our Miscela Bar Espresso Beans provide the perfect foundation for an authentic espresso journey.

Ideal for:

This is the best espresso coffee for those who want to embrace the full spectrum of what a true Italian espresso can offer.


(10 reviews) Write a Review

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  • 5
    Always fresh

    Posted by Gina M. on Jun 7th 2024

    We love the taste and freshness of the coffee! We have tried others and always go back to Grande Italia This has been our go to coffee for more than 20 years

  • 5
    Grande Italia espresso beans

    Posted by Tony on Feb 22nd 2024

    Have been using your products for years and you never disappoint. Best coffee, great foam, perfect every time. Always receive my orders within days.

  • 5
    Grand Italia Espresso Miscela Bar Beans

    Posted by ken on Feb 16th 2024

    We just love this bean, smooth and rich but not overpowering. Grinds perfectly for perfect shot pulls.

  • 5
    The best!

    Posted by Irma B on Jun 30th 2023

    We tried a zillion coffees in our JURA machine ... and then we found Saccuzzo Grande Italia Espresso!

  • 5

    Posted by William R on May 5th 2022

    I think this bean makes the best espresso I have ever brewed or have ordered out at any of the best coffee houses in my area. I actually put out a challenge last summer to a group of friends that if they could find me a better espresso anywhere I would give them $1,000.00. I still have the money in my account. One thing that needs to be mentioned that in addition to freshness which you would expect ordering from a roaster, the consistency from bag to bag, month to month and year to year, it is always exactly the same taste!

  • 5
    Grand Italia Espresso Beans

    Posted by William R on Mar 13th 2022

    This espresso is by far the best I could find in my area. I bought a top of the line machine and wanted the best beans so I bought and tested everything I cold find or that was recommended. Then I found these beans at a cafe in Worcester MA. The problem is the didn't always have inventory. So I went online as searched for beans and found Saccuzzo. The description of their beans sounded amazing so I thought I'd give them a try. To my amazement, they were the same beans I was buying at the cafe. I did not know Saccuzzo roasted them. Now I buy direct. The quality is always exactly on point and the service is better than any other organization I have ever dealt with. I actually spoke with one of the Saccuzzo family every time I called to place an order. He has even recommended coffees from their collection that I found to be very good. If you love espresso especially with that nice crema, I don't believe you can find a better bean anywhere.

  • 5

    Posted by Holsopple on Oct 9th 2021

    absolutely love this coffee!

  • 5
    Espresso bean

    Posted by Jacob M on Jun 17th 2021

    Pours a great shot w/a wonderful creme!

  • 5
    Best espresso ever

    Posted by Brian on Apr 4th 2021

    Not much more to add over the subject. This is the smoothest, best tasting espresso we have ever tried.