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Ethiopia Yirgacheffe Hafursa Waro

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Chocolate, Jasmine, Citrus
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The story of the Hafursa Waro Washing Station

When Ato Kumulachew’s father first came to the Hafursa Waro Kebele from the northern part of the country many years ago, much of this land was an untouched forest. Growing up, Ato Kumulachew and his siblings would tease their father about this, often asking, “Did you get on a bus that didn’t know where to stop?”

Just a few kilometers to the west of Yirgacheffe town, Hafursa Waro is no longer an unknown point on the Ethiopian map. In fact, coffee farmers from this area garnered the attention of the world in 2006 when Ethiopia fought for the rights to license and distribute its fine coffees.

When Ato Kumulachew decided to set up a coffee washing station, he intentionally chose the Kebele of Hafursa Waro for three reasons. Firstly, the area has some of Ethiopia’s finest indigenous coffee. Secondly, the farmers of Hafursa Waro are quite good at growing coffee and have been doing it for many decades. Lastly, as he had grown up in the area, Ato Kumulachew knew the community and got along well with them.

Ato Kumulachew’s wet mill is set on a 4.4-hectare field and receives coffee from around 500 farmers in the surrounding Kebeles of Hafursa Waro, Haro, and Hafursa Worabi. While these Kebeles are in the Abaya Woreda, the coffee that grows here is of the Yirgacheffe variety.


The farmers of Hafursa Waro

Although the farmers in and around Hafursa Waro washing station are already well-versed in how to get the best quality coffee from their trees, Ato Kumulachew takes several measures to ensure they have a reason to do even better. He trains them to bring their best coffee to this washing station.

“Based on fair trade standards, we pay a premium for high-quality coffee cherries. After sales, we make a second payment to the farmers based on the weight of the coffee we initially bought from them. As a result, farmers are happy to bring us their best red cherries.”

Moreover, the Hafursa Waro washing station also provides farmers with organic compost and participates in community projects, such as the local school. Because of these initiatives, the mill enjoys a close and friendly relationship with many smallholders of the area.

COFFEE GRADE: Yirgacheffe Gr. 1 Fully Washed
VARIETAL: JARC varieties , Local Landraces
PROCESSING: Fully washed
ALTITUDE: 1,700-2,200 meters above sea level
REGION: Sidamo
FARM SIZE: Average <5 hectares per farmer


(No reviews yet) Write a Review